Of Course I Get Down, but “High” Pigs?

Listen, it is tough to be a Preppy Pig in this world. You are constantly trying to keep your nails clean. Especially me, I have Style and everyone is constantly trying to take me down. Well NO WAY, NO HAY and HEY,  I am NOT going to get HIGH in my STY, even when times are tough! I mean really, look at those lazy ass Pigs in Washington State. They trick you into thinking life is great, give you a little Pot in your food and you can forget your problems. The next thing that happens your someone’s new dish! Read This.

No Way, No Hay and all I care about is the “Stay” in my shirt collar! My Ties are only $20.00 and you can get a whole “Pen” of four for only $68.00, comes with hay too! Shop Preppy Pig Here!

Four great colors. The Pig Pen is mine!

Four great colors. The Pig Pen is mine!

My Name is Hank, I am The Preppy Pig.


Why do I think I am preppy? Well, first my owner, Frank Paladino is known for how he dresses, Preppy. So he wanted me to follow suit. This is my blog about life from a Pig’s point of view.  Smart,  style with a smile. No matter who, when or what you wear, this is Frankly the truth about life and the “pen” you in! Keep it clean and pile on, I love the company, your invited.