Passion, Preppy, Pizze and Just plain Practical

Everyone knows I am a PIG. No, not like the negative way one thinks of the name, Pig. But I  am a nice Pig and I am a Preppy Pig. Very different!  I am Hank, The Preppy Pig and I am  Stylish, Funny, Super Friendly, Highly Good-Looking and my talents reach far from the farm life of a typical pig.  I am different.  I dress Preppy and I Cook too!

I did not want anyone to know that I am a really good cook, call me Chef Boy R Pig! Cooking can give people ideas if I am too close to the oven! You know what I mean? So, I have been in my “Pen, play it safe as I research how to direct my cooking talents in the right direction. Find Passion is key to success and lately, my dreams are all about Pizze, Pizza, Pizzeria and Pasta too.

My Gut or Belly tells me Pizze is the direction! I have a little Italian in me too. Ok, fine, I am 100% pure American/Italian Pig! Do NOT use the word Sausage, really freaks me out. But, because I am Italian and a Pig and I am Preppy. It gets’ very confusing how to Brand my identity! I even hate the word Brand.  Just means putting a tattoo on my lovely “Pink” body.  I have a gift and I have to come out! Out of my pen and show them my creations. My style in fashion and food. I have a very Practical Plan too. Keep you posted. Time to put PEN to Hay and sit by the fire.



Of Course I Get Down, but “High” Pigs?

Listen, it is tough to be a Preppy Pig in this world. You are constantly trying to keep your nails clean. Especially me, I have Style and everyone is constantly trying to take me down. Well NO WAY, NO HAY and HEY,  I am NOT going to get HIGH in my STY, even when times are tough! I mean really, look at those lazy ass Pigs in Washington State. They trick you into thinking life is great, give you a little Pot in your food and you can forget your problems. The next thing that happens your someone’s new dish! Read This.

No Way, No Hay and all I care about is the “Stay” in my shirt collar! My Ties are only $20.00 and you can get a whole “Pen” of four for only $68.00, comes with hay too! Shop Preppy Pig Here!

Four great colors. The Pig Pen is mine!

Four great colors. The Pig Pen is mine!

My Name is Hank, I am The Preppy Pig.


Why do I think I am preppy? Well, first my owner, Frank Paladino is known for how he dresses, Preppy. So he wanted me to follow suit. This is my blog about life from a Pig’s point of view.  Smart,  style with a smile. No matter who, when or what you wear, this is Frankly the truth about life and the “pen” you in! Keep it clean and pile on, I love the company, your invited.